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Hydraulic hose crimping machine operation criterion

Hydraulic hose crimping machine operation criterion
Hydraulic hose crimping machine is widely used for cutting, chamfering automation open tube use handle industry such as stainless steel tube. Can be placed, 25 or below, stainless steel pipe and seamless steel pipe length of 6 metres. Automatic feeding, cutting, chamfering process, one machine, reduce the labor intensity and save personnel.
Hydraulic hose crimping machine in the rotation, any part of the body cannot contact transmission parts. When in operation, to tie the cuffs, wearing no gloves work. Spindle speed must be carried out in the park. The transmission gear to be fully meshed. That machine is not normal, should immediately stop check. Long tube into the rack and loosen the binding wire, should be taken to prevent rolling, shock, wounding measures pressure pipe. Need to check the dust removal device should be good, before cutting. The use of wheel pipe machine, should be checked prior to grinding wheel has no defect crack, damp, power line is reliable. Exchange tools, measuring work-piece, lubrication, cleaning pipe head, must stop.
Hydraulic hose crimping machine before cutting to adjust cutting tool, clamping the work. Stop baffle plate to be fixed, after clamping, loosen, forward, backward, sequential test, can work. Its principle is through the computer, hydraulic oil with each other, by the direction of motion control of hydraulic system of electric system, promote the carriage reciprocated. Microcomputer users according to the tool path to walk, in the reciprocating motion, limit signal detected from the basis, control and change the oil movement, so as to achieve the desired tool path.